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I Accept.... Do I ??


3:30PM: I just got to know that the lady friend is getting married. 

There was an arrangement from her family and there she first met this potential husband. And then the potential husband fell in love with her and she too fell for him and they both fell for each other and then settled for marriage.

It might sound very natural for this happens everywhere but for me this kind of arrangements is a bit tricky.

I never fell for anyone who fell for me. I feel such arrangements to be demeaning but I am wrong. I know that for sure.
Or maybe the way I think is not wired with the societal norms.
For I always fall for the one who drains me completely. Which is commonly called emotional drainage. Don’t know how big this drainage system is but it makes you feel devastated and left with emptiness.

So talking about the lady friend, no doubt I am very happy for her but suddenly something struck my mind.

Slowly everyone around me is settling down with their potential spouses and here I am standing alone chasing a hope, chasing the wrong guy , running away from the entire nuptial arrangements and settling for nothing.

But is it really going this way? Do I really feel like left-out from the race?
I don’t doubt that I am not the only one here going through this phase for I see Facebook flooding with post about being single is a choice, it is in fashion and cool, it is for the strong but ho-hey!!when you do a little investigation on those people sharing or writing these post you will find them to be all happily sitting beside their spouses maybe reviewing their posts, and they are the one who will tell you while making kids with their spouse that if you do not want to marry anyone then don’t !!!
And then there are people who will tell you how important it is to have a companionship through marriage, they are the one who have broken relationship or that little hope about  finding their love.

But whom should you listen to? NONE!!!

I have my own definition of marriage
I feel it more than companionship, for me it is about partnership… Be it in goodness or in crimes, in lovemaking or in war, in arguments or in agreement and most importantly in compatibility or in incompatibility. But above all there should be an acceptance of each other as a whole and that’s how the marriage will yield a balance outcome of happiness.
For me accepting your partner is important and then when you accept them entirely embarking together on a journey of learning and unlearning.
Marriage is not about fun, it is not about giving a social stamp to a relationship, it is not about lying down for pleasure, it is all about acceptance.
And the day I will find a guy accepting me and I accepting him only then I will settle.
For if you want to live with anyone then you cannot live with half of their heart and complain about the other half. 

Yes, there will be complains but that will encourage you to be better and not to break a war…
So being single is not my choice it is my work of patience which will bear sweet fruit whose taste I will savor for the lifetime.

What’s your definition about marriage?

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